Flight of the Rocking Chair // 2013

A 3D game that uses a rocking chair as the main input. Flight of the Rocking Chair investigates how physical interactions translate to virtual game spaces and aims to provide an immersive experience through rocking in a chair and exploring an abstract 3D environment.

The game is developed in Unity3D and the rocking chair controller uses the Arduino.

  • screencap from the game Flight of the Rocking Chair
  • another screencap from the game Flight of the Rocking Chair
  • screencap of Flight of the Rocking Chair level 2
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Burger Smash // 2013

A physical burger is smushed as a digital burger degrades in parallel. Created using Max/MSP/Jitter with Arduino.

Musical Chair // 2013

Musical Chair is a playful interaction where the user rocks back and forth to create "stock/elevator" type music. The chair functions both as a device for relaxation and for play, where rocking back and forth creates a simple tune that recalls contemplation or being lost in thought. Pitch changes based on accelerometer data attached to the chair—when leaning back, the pitch raises, and when leaning forward, the pitch lowers.

Lord of the Bees // 2012

A 2-4 player board game where players are beekeepers and must collect honey from each player's hive. Bees and beekeepers traverse honeycomb tiles while battling enemy players to capture territory and acquire honey.

Created with Morgan Bickmore, Jon Gorr, Christian Martinez and Maggie Perkowska.

  • Lord of the Bees
  • Lord of the Bees
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Stubbs Night Out // 2012

Stubbs' Night Out is a game of cooperation and teamwork as both players must help Stubbs the double amputee eat his meal properly on a date with an attractive ladyfriend. Using proper balance, well timed grabbing and quick thinking, the players should navigate the food to Stubbs' mouth and get the girl! Stubbs Night Out was created with a guy named Boone Snavely using Actionscript 3 and the Flixel library. Players control the arms with joysticks for movement and buttons for grabbing, connected with the I-PAC2.

Please visit the Stubbs mini-page here to play the game.

  • Stubbs Night Out in-game screencaps
  • Stubbs Night Out game controller
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Post-it Game // 2012

An experimental game of tagging areas with post-it notes. Teams complete to be the kings and queens of tagging by finding creative ways and places to put up post-its. Teams can tag over other teams post-its to steal points, but tags are worth less points if they are over other tags. Created with Justin Livi, Alex Padham, and Jonny Cheng.

  • Post-it Game
  • Post-it Game
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Taco Visualization // 2012

A simple little interaction made with the Kinect and Processing. Put your hands a certain distance from each other and depending on the distance, a taco, burrito, or very long sub will appear. Move the food up to your face and eat your virtual food.

  • Taco Visualization
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Jasper Johns: Variations on a Theme, Printmaking Workshop // 2012

As part of the Jasper Johns: Variations on a Theme exhibition at The Phillips Collection, I implemented the design (by Jordan Albro and Michelle Herman) for this mini-site demonstrating various printmaking techniques using HTML/CSS and jQuery.

Please view the full site here.

  • Jasper Johns Splash Page
  • Jasper Johns Interior Page
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The Phillips Collection's Summer Campaign Facebook Page // 2012

Implemented a web app for The Phillips Collection's summer branding featuring events and exhibitions happening throughout the summer. Created using HTML/CSS and jQuery with Michelle Herman.

  • Facebook web app accordion closed
  • Facebook web app accordion open
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Stealing Drinking Driving // 2011

A socially irresponsible semi-biographical game about my friend Blair and her irrational fear of midgets. Built with Actionscript 3 using Adobe FlashBuilder and the Flixel library.

Click here to play the game.

  • Stealing Drinking Driving
  • Stealing Drinking Driving
  • Stealing Drinking Driving
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Dino Chair // 2011

Dino Chair is an interactive installation where a soft potentiometer is placed on a chair and the output from the user's butt triggers an array of dinosaur sounds through Arduino and Processing.

The space chosen for this particular installation is behind a staircase and has low traffic; it is often used as a private space where people are seen sleeping, eating, and on laptops in between classes, yet the space is still public. Emitting loud, scary noises with Dino Chair is an effort to claim this public space as the user's territory.

Enlighten Me // 2011

A sculptural piece created with Natalie Ishizuka and Maggie Robbins. I created and programmed the LED cube using Arduino, Natalie made the servo motor driven shibori dyed organic forms, and Maggie made the tables and chairs out of wood and plexiglas.

Enlighten Me references jellyfish pollution and unconscious human effects on the environment around us. The light patterns of the LED cube are triggered by an IR sensor, as is the movement of the organic forms. The output is meant to be a meditative, contemplative experience.

  • Enlighten Me
  • Enlighten Me
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Hello! My name is Michelle and I like to make things.

I recently graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD with a BFA in Interaction Design and Art. I enjoy free wifi and wearing red flannel.

Please feel free to contact me at michellecshen[at]gmail[dot]com. Resumé available upon request.

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